Case Studies

Social Media Visibility

We helped a travel company increase their customer transaction by doing the Social Media Marketing on platforms like facebook, linkedln, twitter, instagram, youtube and more. It made their online presence stronger with high visibility.

Personalized Blogs

We introduced a fashion company to the world of blogging.We wrote blogs about their customer experiences and their services.These blogs with quality matter and HD images attracted a lot new customers.

Google Page Ranking

We organically moved the google page ranking of an architect's website with unique keywords and quality content. We helped him setup and monitor the visitor's traffic on the website using different protocols and tools.

Lead Generation

Market Research was the weakness for one of the technology company.We helped them in studying their target market and generated quality leads.This approach helped them focus on marketing and sales.

Email Marketing

We supported a technology startup in handling their email marketing and tele-marketing by doing an initial market research followed by approaching the prospects though mails and calls to put forward their product details.

Website Development

We proved it to an event company that a website was a must to attract customer through online presence.We developed a responsive website with rich user interface and content.