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About Me

Before discovering photography, my days consisted of going to school, coming home and hanging out with cats watching television. That is, until I discovered my father’s Nikon D80.
From that point on, my cats became models rather than companions, and as my ability to compose great shots improved, I began taking senior portraits and ultimately, booking major clients. It was a four-year journey, but now my portfolio includes work shot for Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Starbucks, Shutterfly, Husker Athletics, Martha Stewart Magazine and more.
I’ve learned what true success is. I’ve realized that I don’t need to be this rock star photographer, I can be little old Kattie Wilson, in Lincoln, NE, shooting weddings and senior portraits and my cats and I can still change the world.

Latest News
DJI launches Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 drone with ‘Ocu Sync’ and 60% quieter flight
DJI has released a new(ish) drone: the Phantom 4 Pro V2.0. The updated P4P features almost all of the same internal specs of the original,...
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Video: Testing all the Nikon F to Sony E-mount AF adapters on the market
Photographer Matt Granger puts three different Nikon F to Sony E-mount autofocus adapters to the test. Along the way, he found out that they’re not...
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GoPro reveals unit growth in Q1 2018, but revenues are still down
In a surprising bit of good news, GoPro’s Q1 earnings report exceeded analysts’ expectations thanks in part to demand for the new, entry-level GoPro HERO....
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